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Friday, 15 June 2012

She's driving me mad!

Oh for heaven’s sake…  Will someone save me from this meddlesome woman!  Her Ladyship’s becoming infuriating now, almost obsessed indeed as she fusses around getting all the pre-publicity work done in advance of the publication of Miss Daisy’s Diaries.  If there’s any consolation, she’s paying much more attention to me.  She’s out here most days having a chat and giving me a polish.

“Got to have you looking good for the book signings Old Girl,” she says as she slaps a filthy old chamois leather onto my bonnet.  “You never know when the press might turn up to do something and you’ve got to look good.”

A case of pot calling the kettle black, if you ask me.  She’s wearing an old T shirt and a pair of tacky jeans, hardly suitable attire surely for meeting ladies and gentlemen of the press.  I’ll be interested to see what she decides to wear for her first book signing and if she insists on wearing that ridiculous hat, I’ll scream.

You remember that I told you that she had received an offer of £5,000 for the Grey One and that while I hoped she would get rid of him, I doubted she would.  Well I was right.  She did turn down the offer, but promised the people that she’s look for another one for them.  So if there is a nice running Ruby out there please email her at her-ladyship@missdaisydiaries.co.uk and let her know. 

I was supposed to go on a trip last Wednesday, but Madam came out and told me that the BBC had forecast heavy showers all day and since she wanted to keep me clean and smart, she would take The Grey One instead.  Typical of the BBC though, they got it wrong.  It was beautifully sunny all day… not a drop of rain.  What annoyed me was the stupid grin on the grey one’s face when he came home.

I did have a nice day in Bryngarw though.  Her Ladyship usually goes up on the Saturday and back home on the Sunday, but since the forecast was rain, she decided to do it there and back on the Sunday.  “You’ll manage Old Girl,” she said.  “It’s only 170 miles.  You did much more than that every day on the JOGLE.”  Don’t I know it!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'm feeling better now... Finally

I have been remiss…  I haven’t produced a blog since my return from the JOGLE back in April.  I am assured by Her Ladyship that I am fit and well again.  Well of course she would know wouldn’t she?

At least the nice Dr John got to the bottom of my engine problem.  It seems that somewhere between Gretna and Bromsgrove, one of the studs which secures my engine block to my crankcase sheared and that caused all the other studs to work loose.  And that resulted in the terrible vibration I had been experiencing and which kept shaking loose various bits of my anatomy.  He fixed that problem and I have been enjoying some lovely trips including escorting the Olympic Torch through Cardigan.

But all was not exactly well.  On the morning of that trip, Her Ladyship noticed that my fan was wobbling badly… again!  “Well Old Girl, Fan belt off I think,” she said.  “I’ll get to the bottom of that problem in due course.”  God help me, she’ll get to the bottom of the problem?  It has baffled two very experienced men.  How on earth can she ‘get to the bottom’ of the problem?

Well blow me, she did!  She dismantled the assembly yesterday and checked absolutely everything.  “Aha!  I’ve found the problem Old Girl.  Look - here – your spigot – the lubrication channel – it’s completely blocked with gunge.  You were not lubricating the bronze bearing.  It being dry, started to destroy the bush.  We’ll soon get that sorted and put a new bush on.  Then you’ll be fit as a flea.”  I wonder what a fit flea looks like.

There’s less than a month now before the official publication of my book and ‘You know who’ is getting terribly excited!  She’s been invited to appear on some radio programmes and the early reviews have apparently been rather good.  Well why not? She’s also been organised to take part in a number of book signings and she’s told me that I have to attend those as well.

But now, I have to brace myself for a run up to Bryngarw Country Park for the Austin weekend.  I’ve been every year you know, but this year HL is worried about the weather.  Last year’s event was a wash out and it looks as though this year might be the same.  Can I cope with the Wrinkled One’s moaning about the weather?  Probably not.  Anyway, I’d rather stay at home in my warm garage than face sheets of rain pelting down on me for two days.

Oh yes there has been another development.  Her Ladyship was offered £5,000 for The Grey One.  Good Grief, that pompous old bore?  That much?  She says she is thinking about the offer, but it’s unlikely she’ll sell him.  Me, I shall get myself ready for the farewell party.